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If you spend just 10 minutes a day reading your email, then you have time to exercise this all-important muscle...

arrowThe PC Muscle is responsible for many things - including holding back your urine stream, supporting the organs of the pelvic floor, and for managing the stability and firmness of your erection. More>>

arrowThe KegelPad™ is a revolutionary, patented product that will substantially improve the effectiveness of Kegel exercises, which can improve conditions such as Erectile Disfunction. More>>

arrowSearch this website and research other medical sources online for information about how today’s men use Kegel exercises for overall pelvic health and enticing sexual benefits.

Check out the links below for more information about how healthy PC muscles can improve urine incontinence, premature ejaculation, prostrate issues and build a stronger erection and more intense orgasms...

Stress Incontinence
Erectile Dysfunction
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

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Welcome to The KegelPad Website!

Health experts know that men who perform regular "Kegel" exercises will develop a stronger PC muscle and greatly improve overall pelvic health. KegelPad exercises will improve bladder control issues, benefit prostate health, and - a pleasurable fringe benefit - will also increase the strength of an erection, improve ejaculatory control, and enhance your orgasms.


And just like normal resistance exercises at the gym, KegelPad Exercises will improve circulation and muscle mass. The result? Better pelvic floor health and revitalized sexual enjoyment. Because, essentially, your PC is your "sex muscle".

The KegelPad is a revolutionary, resistive-based exercise pad, that will substantially improve the effectiveness of Kegel exercises for men. No gimmicks, just a simple exercise tool that will improve the condition of your pelvic floor muscles.

Considering the overall importance and contribution of the PC muscle for pelvic floor health and sexual enhancement, it just makes sense to spend a relatively small amount of time working a muscle that will give you such a pleasurable and healthy return...

Take Care of your Hard Ware!

KegelPadFor overall health and enhanced sexual prowess, it has become popular for men, especially in Europe, to improve their PC muscles. It's catching on everywhere because keeping a well-tuned PC muscle greatly benefits various male health issues, including: Urinary Stress Incontinence (UI), Prostate Enlargement (BPH), and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Kegel exercises are like pushups for your penis!

Performing this exercise will improve your pelvic circulation and increase strength to all your pelvic floor functions. It's a simple reward of traditional muscular exercise. The goals for men performing Kegels may include the ability to control "leaking" (Stress Incontinence); to restrain from premature ejaculation; and to fortify the firmness of your erection and ejaculation prowess. The KegelPad greatly improves the effectiveness of Kegel exercises. Here's how to do a Kegel Exercise >
  • A stronger PC muscle can help men:
  • Improve erectile dysfunction issues
  • Vastly improve incontinence & bladder control
  • Overall prostate health - for now and in the future
  • Increase circulation of blood to the penis & increase pelvic floor muscle mass
  • Help restrain that pre-orgasm "point of no return"
  • Build stronger erections
  • Improve sexual stamina
  • Develop stronger and longer ejaculations
  • Create more intense orgasms

There's lots of information about Kegel exercise for men on the web - Hospitals, medical professionals, periodicals and men's lifestyle websites all report about the wonderful benefits of Kegels for men. You'll find some expert advice here >

So Let's Get Started

It's easy to locate your PC muscle. (It's just not easy to pronounce its official name!) They are called your "pubococcygeus" muscles, and both men and women have them.

A Kegel exercise is the process of clenching and relaxing the PC muscle. By adding resistance with the KegelPad, results are substantially improved since any muscular exercise is vastly more efficient when you add resistance. That's why the KegelPad is so effective.

Okay, think of it this way: You could exercise your biceps isometrically (without holding a weight and focusing on contracting the muscle itself without moving your muscle) but adding resistance will deliver superior results. Just like a specialized weight-station at the gym, the KegelPad adds a 'push-back' action that improves the efficiency of Kegel exercising. If you already perform Kegels, sometimes it's hard to feel if you are doing them correctly or effectively. The KegelPad provides a consistent force that keeps you fully aware of the exercise.

And the KegelPad is only focused on exercising your muscle, it does not tamper with the tissues of the penis. If you want to build up your biceps, you curl weights, right? To properly strengthen your guns, you would probably avoid devices that stretch the veins and capillaries of your arms. Think of the KegelPad as another weight-station at the fitness club.

Putting Order South of the Border

Strength and agility matter more than size - let the KegelPad improve the equipment you were already born with - a muscle that will become stronger with a very simple exercise.

If you have time to sit and check your email for 10 minutes a day - and we all do - then you have the time to strengthen this all important muscle!

The bottom line? Let's take care of your bottom line... Let's start now!

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