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David Strovny
Sex Education Correspondent

If there's one thing that guys are always asking me, it's "how can I control myself from ejaculating so quickly?" The answer is simple -- okay it's not that simple, but there is a way that many of you can help yourselves. All that's required is a little exercise that you can do while you're at work or sitting on the couch watching Survivor .

Both men and women have a PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which is responsible for the health of the pelvic floor. But trust me, that's not all it's used for. You have to keep this muscle in tip-top shape in order to maximize your sexual experiences.

The next time you go to the washroom and begin urinating, try to stop the flow midway. Can you? If not, then you need to start exercising as soon as possible to maintain penile fitness.

Another test; when you have an erection, can you squeeze your PC muscle and make your penis jump substantially? If not, then I think you need today's sex tip more than you know.

Exercising this muscle regularly will prolong the duration of lovemaking and make your climax much more intense. Some say that guys with healthy PC muscles can actually hang a towel over their erections and raise and lower their penises at will. You can also use a hand cloth or handkerchief.

Just as working out your biceps will give you better definition and more strength, the PC muscle can help you strengthen and better define your erections and orgasms. But as is the case with everything, discipline is required.

As aforementioned, stopping your urine midstream (pun intended) can help you figure out when you're using your PC muscle. Try stopping your urination three times just to ensure that you understand where the muscle is located.

As well, although this method may not sound enthralling, if you stick a finger in your rectum and try contracting your PC muscle, you will know that you're doing so because your finger will feel your anus contracting (pressure). Always try to keep your other muscles (thigh, back and abdominal) relaxed.

Remember that the stronger your PC muscle, the more enjoyable sex will ultimately be. So let's begin exercising, shall we?

Keep in mind that because you can do these exercises just about anywhere and at any time, there is absolutely no excuse to neglect your exercises. No one will know that you're squeezing, unless of course you keep smiling like an idiot whilst doing them.

Because the muscle heals quickly, you'll begin noticing that you're waking up with more solid erections and that's always a good thing, especially if Petunia is sleeping next to you in the buff come morning (you know what I mean).

Personally, I recommend that you complete your exercises every single day for the rest of your natural life. Trust me, Hef will have nothing on you when you get to be his age. Your sexual abilities and control will increase immensely and you'll find that your penis has become stronger and firmer.

PC exercises can also be beneficial in the "squirt across the room" department as well. Remember porn star Peter North? Well, rumor has it that he did his exercises daily. So not only can you have the most solid erection ever, but you might also be able to ejaculate on the ceiling. Have fun cleaning that up...

Remember that the results will not be evident the instant you're done your first bunch of exercises. It takes time, like with any muscle that you begin "training" regularly.

Once you begin to master your exercises and are able to see a significant difference, the next time you're making love with your woman, stay inside her without moving. Instead of going in and out like you normally would, simply squeeze and release your PC muscle.

If she has been doing her exercises as well, you can both perform this on each other and while you get the sensation that her vagina is giving you a "hug," she'll feel like you're tapping her G-spot, and trust me, chances are that the both of you will enjoy the sensation immensely.

And there you have it; some easy ways to keep her satisfied and get a little satisfaction of your own at the same time. Enjoy.

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