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" ...Sexual feeling is closely related to muscle tone, and can be improved through muscle education and resistive exercise."
- Arnold Kegel M.D.

arrowThe KegelPad™ is the only resistive-based product of its kind that will substantially improve the results of regular Kegel exercise.


arrowLike any exercise at the gym, resistance is key to increasing circulation and muscle mass.


KegelPadAncient Taoists practiced resistance-based exercises of their PC muscles for greater sexual energy and spiritual health

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A Brief History

Dr. Arnold Kegel was a Los Angeles gynecologist and obstetrician who, in the mid 1940's, pioneered the methods of vaginal resistance exercises for post-childbirth women. Subsequently, he created a bio-feedback device called the "perineometer" which helped women measure the exercise's resistance and progress more effectively. Before the KegelPad, there was no such 'resistance' product for men.

Originally, Dr. Kegel developed this technique to help women improve their loss of bladder control after childbirth, as the PC muscles, which control the flow of urine, are often stretched out of shape after childbirth. With weakened PC muscles, even a sneeze can be a challenge - for both men and women.

Like any traditional muscular exercise, Dr. Kegel found that resistance exercises greatly improved blood circulation, built muscle tissue faster, and restored muscle rigidity.

Results were significant. Dr. Kegel later published a report that indicated nearly every women who performed this exercise for incontinence also reported greater sexual gratification.

But most importantly, Dr. Kegel stressed that resistance is the key to this exercise - just like any muscular conditioning. Although his initial research focused on woman, men have also discovered the benefits of these exercises, and they are now commonly prescribed to men for bladder control issues. Like the women in Dr. Kegel's study, men also find Kegel's exercise develops and increases their sexual sensitivity.

The exercise that now bears his name is a very simple series of "clenching" and "unclenching" of the pelvic floor muscles. Simply put, you are squeezing the muscles you use to stop peeing for several seconds - and then relaxing. That's how it works.

Not A New Idea...

KegelPadAncient Taoists practiced exercising their pubococcygeus muscles to increase sexual and spiritual strength. Dr. Kegel's contribution simply helped to reintroduce an ancient Eastern technique into our modern times.

PC muscle exercises are also routinely prescribed by healthcare professionals for men affected with urine incontinence; prostate conditions; as a pre-and-post-surgical conditioning exercise, and to address premature ejaculation control and erectile dysfunction. The KegelPad is the only product of its' kind designed to provide men direct resistance to their PC muscle, thereby increasing the effectiveness of normal Kegel exercises.

Many men report that having a stronger PC muscle enables them to better control themselves from ejaculating prematurely, and prolonging that "plateau" before orgasm. Since the PC muscle is also responsible for pumping the prostate gland for ejaculate fluids prior to orgasm; a stronger PC will greatly intensify that awesome feeling of an orgasm. Elements of "tantric sex" enjoy the same conditioning process to sustain sexual climax.

Imagine having the control to lingering longer during lovemaking.

Fortunately - just like any health equipment at the gym - adding resistance with the KegalPad will greatly increase vascular circulation and improve muscle mass more efficiently. (Curling your arms with a weight in your hands is much more effective than not holding a weight at all) The KegelPad is designed to "push back" so you can feel your efforts are working, improving the efficiency of unassisted Kegels by over 300%.

Here's the fact: If you exercise a muscle, it grows stronger. The PC muscle responds the same way with Kegel exercise. The KegelPad is the only product of its kind designed to vastly improve the effectiveness of a normal Kegel, and you'll feel a difference in a matter of weeks.

If you already perform your daily Kegels for health or wellness reasons, or if you want to discover how this simple exercise is a win-win for your pelvic floor and your sexual enjoyment, then you'll find owning a KegelPad is a great investment!

Order your KegelPad today and start building your bottom line!

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