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"..Considering the overall importance and function of the PC muscle for pelvic floor and sexual health, it just makes sense to spend a relatively small amount of time each day to work a muscle that will give you such a pleasurable and healthy return."

arrowStrength and agility do matter more than size - let the KegelPad improve the equipment you were already born with - a muscle that will become stronger with a very simple exercise.

arrow"Kegel's are a non-impact, high-result exercise for men. Just make them a part of your daily routine for overall sexual fitness"

arrowResistance is critical to any worthwhile exercise - the KegelPad is a unique, patented workout pad specifically designed to accommodate your very versatile muscle.

arrowYou can do it! Purchase a KegelPad today and join the thousands of other men who are working their PC muscle for health and pleasure.

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Since the PC is the muscle that supports your erection - as well as the origin of that intense pleasurable feeling of an orgasm - you are, in fact, exercising your sex muscle.

Dr. Arnold Kegel specifically indicated against merely conducting squeezes without using some form of resistance. In his studies, only 5% of women attempting Kegels in this manner realized any benefit at all. The KegelPad employs the same simple principle. Resistance is key and the fundamental reason the KegelPad is so uniquely effective.

Strength and agility matter more than size! Kegel's are not a gimmick with false promises of increased length or girth - although with increased circulation, your erection will experience increased swelling and heighten sensation. It's just a very real, perhaps even boring, exercise that will develop and improve a muscle. The KegelPad will allow you improve the equipment you were already born with - building a muscle that will become stronger with a simple exercise routine.

How To Perform a Kegel

Okay, to perform a Kegel, first locate your PC muscle. You use this muscle everyday when you stop peeing. Don't tighten your buttocks, abdominals, leg or any other muscles. Isolate just your PC.

Now clench your PC and count "clench-2-3-4-5" and "relax-2-3-4-5". Repeat 6-8 more times. That's about a 2-minute workout that can easily be performed three times a day.

Personal sessions can vary, but soon you may want to increase your reps. Find a routine that works best for you - just be diligent and make each session count. Don't over do it at first - the concept is to incorporate the KegelPad exercise into your daily routine. Develop a comfortable schedule and just be as consistent as possible.

You can increase the length of each squeeze; the count of each rep; and the number of times you exercise each day.

The American Urological Assocation provides excellent information and instructions for pelvic floor exercise at More...

Using the KegelPad™

KegelPadThe KegelPad is engineered to fit under your butt, just like you're sitting on a bicycle seat.

So first begin by placing it under your "perineum". (That's the area of skin between the anus and the scrotum). While sitting in a comfortable chair - an office chair works well - overstuffed recliners not so well! Adjust yourself so that the KegelPad places slight pressure on your perineum.

You'll notice the curved top of the KegelPad is engineered so you can ‘nest' yourself at just the right spot. (Although our model at left is casually dressed, you can be fully clothed and checking your email, watching TV, reading a newspaper, etc.) And you don't need to have an erection to perform KegelPad exercises - just the time and dedication.

Don't sit directly on top of the pad. It's designed with sloped sides so - although you are aware it's there - it's not pushing back too hard. Resistance is the key! With your legs casually spread apart (see diagram above), slide yourself so it just "meets" your perineum with your scrotum more-or-less draping over the front of the pad.

KegelPadNow begin a Kegel workout as described above. While clenching your PC with the pad directly beneath you, you'll feel the KegelPad compressing and returning - providing ideal resistance on your perineum, maximizing the response to the exercise. Imagine you are trying to "push-up" your whole body with each clench of your PC muscle.

Isolate your PC muscle, not your legs, abs or stomach.

KegelPadTry to practice with your KegelPad 2-3 times per day. Most of our members report that mornings are the first time they exercise. "I typically check my email at home before I leave the house and do a 10-minute set with the KegelPad before I leave for work."

Another member says, "I just store the pad in my desk and every time I'm sitting down at my computer, I pull out the KegelPad and do some sets" reports another. "I actually feel like I'm making a great use of time - even if I'm just browsing the Internet or catching up with news."

Over time, you may feel you can add additional sets and increase the "hold" duration. Most experts say results can be substantial in 4-6 weeks, less or more, depending on the frequency of the exercise and each individual.

Guys, the fact of the matter is - the KegelPad is the only workout device of its kind for delivering pelvic floor health and strengthening an extremely practical muscle for men. Thousands of KegelPad customers agree. "Get on your game, it works," adds an enthusiastic member. "You gotta get a KegelPad!" Order today!

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