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Are there Kegel exercises for men?

Dear Cecil:

I'm entering that odd time called menopause and have been told that doing Kegel exercises will help strengthen my uterus so that I don't have "leakage" in my older age. So, while faithfully doing said exercises, I wondered if MEN have problems as they get older and if they can strengthen their own appendages. Can they? Or is this just another case of urethra envy on my part?
–Judy Wright, Atlanta

Cecil replies:

You're not going to believe this, Judy, but there really are male Kegel exercises to help guys strengthen their appendages. Isn't that something? All these years men have worried about how long it is, and now they have to worry about how strong it is. I'm not saying that makes up for labor pains, menstruation, and breast cancer, but at least guys don't have it all their way.

Kegel exercises were popularized in the 1940s and '50s by California gynecologist Arnold Kegel as a way of strengthening the pelvic muscles, specifically the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. Ever make yourself stop urinating before you were done? The PC muscle is what you used to do it. The primary purpose of Kegel exercises was and is control of urinary incontinence in older women. But a side benefit- and the main reason younger people have heard of Kegel--is that the exercises tauten the muscles of the vagina, thereby increasing the enjoyment of both (or however many) participants during sexual intercourse. Women are said to experience easier and more intense orgasms, and some climax, or climax during intercourse, for the first time in their lives.

Turns out Kegel exercises are useful for men, too. Older men often have urinary incontinence due to enlargement of the prostate, and Kegel exercises improve bladder control.

Sexual benefits include more intense orgasms, increased angle of erection, reduced risk of impotence, and--this is the one I think is interesting--increased distance of ejaculation.

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